Chesil Classic 356 Speedster – The Original Chesil Speedster….

For those who want to be close to the original iconic Speedster

The Chesil Classic 356 Speedster utilises all VW Beetle running gear and the traditional flat 4 air cooled Beetle engine and gear box. 1800 and 2000cc capacity engines are available as one of many upgrades and options for your bespoke built Classic Speedster.

The Chesil Speedster follows an authentic Classic 356 Speedster Specification and is available with a 1600cc engine as standard, or upgrade to an 1800cc or 200occ engine. With such freedom, style and simplicity you can begin to experience some of the long lost pleasures of classic motoring.

As with all factory-built Chesil Speedsters you have our full range of options and accessories at your disposal, allowing you to create a specification to realize your dream car.

Classic 356 Speedster Key Features

Chesil Classic 356 Speedster Full Leather Interior
  • Wide range of solid paint colours
  • Full Leather interior with 2 bucket seats and rear bench seat
  • Extensive range of interior colours
  • Standard carpet set in matching interior colour
  • Moto-Lita split-rivetted steering wheel
  • Standard Laminated Speedster windscreen
  • Wind up windows
  • ‘Twillfast’ hood in black
  • 1600cc flat-4 air-cooled VW engine
  • Monza 4 pipe exhaust
  • High ratio 4-speed VW gearbox
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Disc brakes on front / Drum brakes on rear
Chesil Classic 356 Speedster 1600 VW Engine
Chesil Speedster - Replica Porsche 356
  • Replica gauge set with black faces & green numbers
  • Immobiliser
  • Chesil badges
  • Front inertia reel seat belts
  • Chrome ‘Aero’ style mirrors
  • Chrome body trim set
  • Replica Speedster chrome wheels
  • Chrome ‘Baby Moon’ hub caps
  • External fuel filler

Customer support is a priority in Chesil’s complete service.

From initial advice to after sales back up, you can be sure of the support required to become, and remain, a satisfied customer.

The Chesil Motor Company proudly holds the position of being the leading Speedster replica manufacturer, whilst the Chesil Classic 356 Speedster has been described as ‘a leader in its class and a proud standard bearer for the UK kit industry as a whole’. The Chesil has full IVA compliance.

The Chesil's GRP body construction ensures that corrosion will never be a problem, and owners can feel well protected within its integral sub-chassis, giving incredible rigidity and safety.