Herita​ge-Speedster Bu​ild Gallery  


A 'rolling' Chesil/VW chassis

This is a factory shortened and reconditioned VW rolling chassis ready for a Heritage Speedster Shell. Each donor chassis is stripped back to component parts, shortened in a jig and the fol0or pans replaced. They are painted with rust inhibiting chassis paint before being assembled with all new mechanical components. Everything from the brake pipes to the shock absorbers, wheels and tyres are brand new and carefully selected.

Our body shell preparation and paint

Each Heritage-Speedster body shell is made from fiber-glass reinforced with a 'steel body frame'.  They are made from our own, accurate moulds. Once the bodies are complete, with the doors, boot and bonnet hung, the shells are sent to our body shop. Each body is carefully profiled to make sure the gaps, fit and finish will be class leading. They are then painted in a colour of your choice. Each shell is carefully polished before it is delivered to the factory to be mated with the VW chassis. 

Engine and gearbox

Our Heritage-Speedster's all benefit from a brand new VW Type 1 engine built to our specification by an industry leading specialist. The supply them to us 'turn key' having been thoroughly bench tested. All the auxiliary components such as the distributor, alternator, starter motor and  carburetors are also new.  The gearboxes are made to 'Chesil high ratio' specification to make use of the extra power that the engine made over the original Beetle 1303 donor car.