356 Speedster Development

We are very close to finalising production spec and prices of our 'new chassis' 356-Speedster. Details of our progress are to be found in the blogs below

Tradition with modern road manners

Why are we developing our own chassis?

Whilst the traditional Volkswagen Beetle chassis is true to the original 356, it was originally designed nearly 80 years ago and even those cars used as donors are at least 50 years old. Finding cars which are suitable to become donors is becoming increasingly difficult.  By designing and building our own chassis we can improve the driving dynamics and strength of our car and stop depleting what is now becoming a scarce classic in its own right.

Why will the 356 Speedster have improved road manners?

 Chassis, steering and brake design have come a long way in 80 years and whilst some improvements can be made to the original Volkswagen underpinnings, a ground up re-design has allowed us to use rack and pinion steering, all-round disc brakes and fully independent suspension. Our aim is to produce a totally analog sports car that is not only thrilling to drive, but stops and handles in a predictable modern manner.  

When can I buy a 356 Speedster?

We are currently completing our last prototype and confirming the spec and bill of materials for production. We intend to have a price list available at the end of April and start building customer cars in September 2023. 

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356 Speedster Timeline

Development to 2023

Design a new chassis to underpin the Chesil Speedster Body

Jan 2023
  • Completion of the chassis design
  • Prototype chassis build
  • Completion of body frame design
  • Prototype body build
Feb 2023
  • Build up of prototype rolling chassis including suspension 
  • Build of Chesil body onto the new body frame and fit new closing panels
  • Preparation and paint  of new body shell
March 2023​
  • Install engine, gearbox
  • Fit body to chassis
  • Run wiring loom 
  • Build up vehicle 

April 2023
  • Complete vehicle build and interior trim
  • Production intent  designs and bill of materials 
May 2023
June 2023
  • Fuel injection for engine
  • IVA test for prototype 
  • Production components made 
July 2023
  • Production of car #1
  • Production of car #2
Sept  2023​
  • Series production of customer cars begins
Speedster E Development
Developing a cutting edge electric drive train for our 356 Speedster chassis