Slide Chesil Classic 356 Speedster Factory Built Speedsters Hand-built by Chesil, the world-renowned Chesil Speedster 356 Replica is a vehicle of the highest quality, and one that carries a long-standing reputation as a leader in its field. Our attention to detail and high standard of workmanship, along with an ongoing policy of development and improvement, has ensured the longevity of this timeless classic. Factory Build Chesil Speedster Build Your Own Speedster For the creative enthusiast we also make the Chesil Speedster 356 Replica available in kit form for home assembly. All of the components that we use to build Chesil Speedsters at the Chesil works are available for our self-build customers. A Chesil self-build project is a superb option for those who like to get a little more involved with their vehicles. Self Build

The Chesil Speedster is a replica of a famous 2-seater sports car from the 1950s, and closely resembles the 1957 model year, its distinctive, classic lines never failing to impress even non-car enthusiasts.

Slide Chesil Speedster Classic Engine Chesil Classic For those who want to be close to the original iconic Speedster. VW Beetle running gear and the traditional flat 4 air cooled Beetle engine and gear box. 1600, 1800 and 2000cc engines are available. Chesil Classic Hyper 9 Electric Motor in the Chesil E Speedster Chesil E For those wanting to embrace modern technology in a retro style Speedster. Powered by a 120kW AC motor that gives 0 to 60mph in 4.9 seconds and a 200 mile range on the standard battery pack. Chesil E

The Leading Speedster Replica Manufacturer.

The Chesil Motor Company proudly holds the position of being the leading Speedster 356 Replica manufacturer. Although we are widely known for our factory built Speedsters, we are also a leading kit car manufacturer. In fact Chesil have been described by Which Kit? Magazine as ‘a proud standard-bearer for the British kit car industry as a whole’. Whether you choose factory built or self build, petrol or electric, you can be the owner of the ultimate Replica Speedster.