The Chesil Speedster E                                   

A cutting edge electric drive train  and chassis for our beautiful Speedster  

We believe that city centres are the perfect place to use and be seen in a Chesil.  Increasingly, this is going to demand an emission free propulsion system.   Although towns would seem to be the ideal home for the Speedster E, it will be just as happy out in the countryside and on longer trips.  

Chassis, steering and brake design have come a long way since the 356 was designed and the Speedster E's chassis has been created from the ground up around our EV drive train.  This  ground up re-design has allowed us to use rack and pinion steering, all round disc brakes and fully independent suspension.  Our aim is to produce a totally analog, electric sports car that is not only thrilling to drive, but stops and handles in a predictable modern manner. 

The new Chesil chassis and EV drive train

Stronger and more torsionally rigid

A strong torsionally rigid chassis immediately improves the handling of the 356 Speedster. It also minimises scuttle shake that can plague older sports cars.  

Fully independent suspension

Our chassis has been designed around modern fully independent front and rear wishbones, with poly bushes and adjustable coil over shock absorbers. It not only improves the handling but allows for the ride to be tailored to your taste.

Rack and pinion steering

Modern rack and pinion steering gives light, precise steering. Although the car is light to drive, we are also able to add our electric power steering system as a factory option.

All round, servo assisted disc brakes

Whilst the original brakes were quite capable, they did not have modern servo assistance. By not only improving the braking capacity, but adding servo assistance, the Speedster E pulls up in a way that any modern vehicle would be proud of.

Compact 36 kw battery pack

True to the Speedsters light weight origins our 36kw power pack helps keep the Speedster E's weight well below 1,000 kgs. This combination of power and weight makes for exceptional performance and 150 mile plus range.

CCS fast charge option

CCS fast charging can be optioned at build. These fast chargers, found in charging stations country wide, are able to charge at up to 100 kw per hour. This means that you can give the car a complete charge in under 45 minutes. 

120 kw electric motor

The 120 kw electric motor delivers 160 bhp through a differential direct to the rear wheels. This makes for a very lively sports car with the power delivery controlled through our software. 0-60 mph is just 6 seconds.

Zero emissions, ULEZ compliant  

As the Chesil Speedster E is a brand new EV it benefits from all the same legislation that large manufacturers enjoy. Our EV is a zero emission car, compliant in all ULEZ and low emissions zones There are also major tax advantages to buying them through a business.

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Factory build process


Our team build your all new suspension and brake components onto the new Speedster E chassis at our factory.

EV Drive Train

Our state of the art, brand new EV drive train is installed by our High Voltage engineering team.


Our market leading Speedster body, with concourse quality paint and exterior trim.


Tailored interior upholstery of your choice,  completed by our in house trim shop.

Speedster E

Your car will come built to your specification, IVA tested and ready to drive away.

From £99,995 + options​

Chassis components​ and upgrades 

 All new suspension components, brakes, wheels, tyres, fastenings and cables are fitted to your chassis by our engineers. This ensures your Chesil  Speedster E has the very best underpinnings available. 

  • Chesil  EV-chassis, Standard​

  • Steel '356' wheels with chrome caps    Standard

  • LHD or RHD​ Standard

  • Toyo 175/70 R15 tyres​ Standard

  • Fuchs style alloy wheels​ £1,980

Drive train and upgrades

The Speedster E is powered by our state of the art electric drive train. Developed specifically for our light weight sports car it pack a very healthy 160 bhp from its 120kw motor. The 36Kw battery pack will give a range of between 150 and 180 miles between charges

  • Chesil  120kw electric motor Standard

  • Chesil 36kw battery pack with AC charging Standard

  • 4.1 differential, rear wheel drive Standard

  • CCS Charging  £2,999

  • Power assisted steering £2,495

  • Servo assisted brakes £895

Interior and upgrades

A tailor made interior, built in-house by our specialist trim department. Choose from our extensive range of leather, carpets seats, gauges and in-car entertainment. Each factory built Speedster E is a 'one of one' build to your taste.

  • Leather interior (seats, door cards and dash top)   Standard

  • Square weave carpet Standard 

  • Digital 'E' readout  Standard

  • Tailored over mats  £145

  • Classic bucket seats  Standard 

  • Slotted bucket seats £225

  • Heated seats  £345

  • 'Ivory' gauge pack  £145

  • Bluetooth stereo £695

  • Dual USB charger £145

Body shell and upgrades

 The Chesil Speedster is world renowned for being one of the most accurate and best quality 356 Speedster shells. The glass fibre bodies are supplied prepared and painted to your taste, with bumpers, bright work, glass, switch gear and electrics. 

  • Painted, 356 Speedster body shell and glass Standard

  • Metallic paint £495

  • Pearl paint  £895

  • Coloured hood £195

  • Hood bag  £295

  • Chrome pack  £210

  • Leather bonnet straps  £245

  • Headlight grills £195

  • Fog lamp kit £1245

  • LED lamp kit £395

  • Traditional badge kit £245

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