Speedster E Development

Developing a cutting edge electric drive train for our 356 Speedster chassis

Speedster E - Designing our electric Chesil

A changing world

The last 10 years have seen a monumental shift in the worlds views on personal transport. End of life recycling, low emissions and energy consumption now all play a key role in the buying process. It is too easy to say that niche vehicles like our 356 Speedster are immune from this. 

At home in town and open road

We believe that city centres are the perfect place to use and be seen in a Chesil and that, increasingly, is going to demand an emission free propulsion system! Although the city centre would seem to be the ideal home for the Speedster E, it will be just as happy out in the countryside and on longer trips.

Range and dynamics

Weighing in at just 950 kgs the Speedster E's 36 kw battery pack will give a nominal range of between 175 and 200 miles before requiring a 45 minute CCS* re-charge.

The motor produces 120 kilowatts or 160 bhp. A sprint to 60 mph will take just 7 seconds, but it is the in gear performance where the car really shines. EV drive trains provide instant peak torque so there is always power on demand.

Chassis, steering and brake design have come a long way since the 356 was designed and the Speedster E's chassis has been created from the ground up around our EV drive train.  This  ground up re-design has allowed us to use rack and pinion steering, all round disc brakes and fully independent suspension.

Our aim is to produce a totally analog, electric sports car that is not only thrilling to drive, but stops and handles in a predictable modern manner.

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Speedster E's Timeline

Development to 2023
  • Design a new EV chassis to underpin the Chesil Speedster Body.
  • Design a complete OEM grade electric drive train to fit under the Chesil Speedster Body
  • Complete the first Speedster E prototype (EV1) and test
Jan 2023
  • Completion of modifications to the original chassis design.
  • Build prototype EV2 chassis
  • Build EV2 drive train
  • Completion of body frame design.
  • Build of prototype EV2 body
Feb 2023
  • Build up of prototype rolling chassis including suspension 
  • Fit Gen2 EV drive train to chassis 
  • Build of Chesil body onto the new body frame and fit new closing panels.
  • Preparation and paint  of new body shell
March 2023​
  • Install high voltage systems  
  • Fit body to chassis
  • Run low voltage wiring loom 
  • Build up vehicle 

April 2023
  • Complete vehicle build and interior trim
  • Production intent  designs and bill of materials 
June 2023​


May 2023
  • Model report test for EV drive line
  • IVA test for prototype EV2 
  • Production components made 
July 2023
  • Production of car #1
Sept  2023​
  • Series production will begin of customer cars
356 Speedster Development
We are very close to finalising production spec and prices of our 'new chassis' 356-Speedster. Details of our progress are to be found in the blogs below